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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Galactic Update!

Peace to everyone, I haven't blogged in a very longtime, I've just been chillin' meditating, working on exploring the deeper aspects of my potential, I thank all of you who have visited and all of you who have returned.  The last 4 years have been filled with excitement and growing pains of course. In 2010 I moved to Miami for a while, worked on Ocean Drive at a Miami beach hotel named Betsy's. I spent time with friends out there that auspiciously made a trip out there too for a while, it's interesting how the universe brings people together...I'm Thankful. I met new Jedi colleagues who have qualified for the sacred council :) I did a few gigs and shows with friends which was cool, Dj'd, performed, all  that, learned a lot.  So after a few months of the Miami scene I moved back to New York where I continued my sacred arts studies, the usual, the principals of Tai Chi Gong,  Sacred Geometry, African History, Kemetic Sciences, African, Arabic and Indian Astronomy are just a few of my favorite subjects. So four the last for years I've been working odd jobs between studying and living life, Hopefully I'll be more consistent with my blogging, If you would like to know more about me just send me a message and I'll be glad to update. Sun Love...

Be You Tiful

Peace And Love to all for the New Year!!  Muuuushin.....

Gather your prana, your chi, your ki, your inner peace...
Don't worry, don't fear...just breath... Be Air, water....Sky, Sea...Be Kind, Be you tiful... 

Friday, August 20, 2010


Yogini (Sanskrit: योगिनी, yoginī, [ˈjoginiː]) is the feminine form corresponding to the masculine yogi. Yoginis are known to possess a steadfast mind, which they cultivate through the disciplined pursuit of transcendence, an idea that is central to the practice of yoga. Tantric scholars have described yoginis as independent, outspoken women with graceful spirits, without whom yoga would fail to achieve its full, fruitful purpose.[1]

Though the leaders of the modern Yoga-asana & meditation tradition have often been male, the vast majority of modern practitioners are female[2], including many who have attained mastery through the primary Yoga of the embodied Shakti life mysteries of the life cycle and mothering. Only the female can awaken the muladhara chakra (the seat of the Kundalini-shakti) via fertility and sexuality; the male must use kriya Yoga.[3]

Friday, July 16, 2010


about 5 minutes into this Democracy now! broadcast, an economist breaks down the mechanics of the Stock market, very straight forward and poignant! check out this broadcast from WBAI RADIO PACIFICA.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

DR Congo oil tanker blaze 'kills 220'

DR Congo oil tanker blaze 'kills 220'

Page last updated at 11:05 GMT, Saturday, 3 July 2010 12:05 UK

Aftermath of oil tanker explosion Many people were killed when the fire engulfed their homes

At least 220 people are feared dead after an oil tanker exploded and set fire to parts of a village in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The truck, travelling from Tanzania, overturned in the village of Sange near the country's eastern border.

The fuel oil spread through the village before exploding, AFP news agency said.

Scores more people are believed injured. The UN has corrected its earlier report that five peacekeepers had died and now says none were killed.

Accidents involving tankers which catch fire are not uncommon in the region, and the death toll is often high because people try to collect spilled fuel.

Vincent Kabanga, spokesman for the South Kivu regional government, said: "A tanker truck coming from Tanzania overturned in the village of Sange.

"There was a crush [of people] and a petrol leak, there was an explosion of fuel oil which spread through the village."

The village is about 70km (40 miles) south of the town of Bukavu in South Kivu, close to the border with Burundi.
'Excessive speed'

Earlier reports said the number of dead could be as high as 270.

James Reynolds of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said the toll "was likely to rise". More than 100 people were injured, he added.

The ICRC is taking medicine and body bags to the village, and preparing to fly the wounded to hospital by helicopter.

Mr Reynolds, deputy head of the ICRC delegation in the area, said: "It is a small village. When the truck turned over a lot of people gathered round. It then caught fire and spread through the village."

Dozens of homes, many built from earth and straw, were engulfed in the night-time fire.

It was unclear whether the truck exploded when it crashed or whether the blaze was started later.

Marcellin Cisambo, governor of South Kivu, told Reuters: "Some people were killed trying to steal the fuel, but most of the deaths were of people who were indoors watching the [World Cup] match.

A police officer based in Bukavu said the accident had been caused by the lorry's "excessive speed".

The officer, who did not give his name, said that many of the villagers who surrounded the vehicle before it exploded were children.

The village, which is home to many Congolese soldiers and their families, was "in total mourning", the officer added.


Thank You

Lila Washte --- Thank You to all of you who visit and inquire. Peace And Eternal Love!

Greetings God's and civilians, thanks for landing safely. As you already know, this is my blog and I welcome you to stop by anytime, here's my email, leave me Love notes.:)

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Blue Zion By AVISION

Wounded Knee

African and Nubian Presence in Ancient China

Johnathan Harris...A brilliant mind...Just had to show him some Luv... Check out this wonderful application that mimics the algorithmic tendency of a wide range of information in real-time motion in a virtual model...yeah, wow...

The Golden Queen

The Golden Queen
Just thought I'd post this for your delight, This is absolutely amazing, it looks like the 1st woman appearing out of the ocean in my personal opinion. This was taken and produced by KirlianCamera, click the pic to learn more about this photog

Warrior Goddess

Warrior Goddess
by *yayacosplay I love this, it really captures the strength of a woman, and I dearly Love women..:) Click the pic to learn more about this photog